• I should create a command to setup a new note or blog post

    I should create a macro or bash script or CLI command to be able to create new notes and blog posts with one command.

    • Create a file
    • Open VSCode
    • Fill in frontmatter
    • Open terminal to correct directory

  • Commit to GitHub inside VSCode

    By using VSCode to write commits, I don't have to tab over to terminal. It also makes it much easier to write multiline commits.

    Need to find a key command for staging, or somehow bundle it with CMD+G?

    Maybe there's a quick way to write multiline commits in iTerm2 as well. I'll have to look into that.

    To make it even faster, use keybaord shortcuts. The default keyboard shortcut for opening source control is CTRL+SHIFT+G on a Mac. I changed this to CMD+G which I find easier to remember and use.

  • Stream Todos

    To do items for streaming


  • Creating custom VSCode Snippets

    Save time by creating short macros for chunks of code you find yourself repeatedly writing.


  • Analytics

    Analytics help us better serve our users.


  • Next gen image formats

    Using next gen image formats like WebP is a great way to improve your app's performance by drastically reducing the file size of your images.


  • Web accessibility color contrast tools

    • A11y - Color Contrast Checker - My top pick. This is a Figma plugin that checks an entire frame for contrast issues.
    • whocanuse - Awesome web based contrast checker. Breaks down vision types with simulations.
    • Able - Figma plugin that automatically checks conrast while you have two layers selected.
    • Stark - Figma plugin that does both contrast checking and color blind simulation. Also availabel for Sketch and AdobeXD.
    • WebAIM - In-browser contrast checker.

  • Resize a Figma frame without modifying its contents

    • Hold CMD when resizing a frame to ignore the constraint settings for all objects inside that frame.

  • Subscribe a Slack channel to all notifications for a GitHub repo

    /github subscribe owner/repo issues pulls deployments statuses public commits commits:all releases comments branches reviews


  • Opening links in a new tab

    When using an a tag with target='_blank', it is important to include the attribute rel='noreferrer noopener' to protect yourself from security risks.

    This article, "About rel=noopener" by Mathias Bynens, explains why.

    This ESlint rule helps prevent accidentally forgetting to include the attribute in your JSX projects.